Social Media Marketing


Facebook has 2.34 billion active users worldwide. In Europe alone, 375 million people use Facebook regularly. Over 90% of all users in Germany access Facebook on their mobile devices. The Facebook subsidiary Instagram currently has over one billion active users worldwide. A total of 2.6 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger and one billion stories are being shared by their users every day.

Make sure that you benefit from the variety of opportunities offered by Social Media marketing, and use the social network to communicate with your guests on a low cost and effective basis to create new opportunities for customer loyalty and to stay present in your guests’ minds. Through the viral dissemination of your content you can address new guests, disseminate offers, campaigns and events in an exceptionally short time, and share emotional moments with your fans and friends. You can reach your guests on their mobile devices and in their leisure time, and use this interaction to create a trusting basis and contact your guests directly.

Social Media Ad's

Advertisements on Social Media are a simple and effective way of defining and reaching your target group on a precise basis. Demographical and social criteria enable you to address the precise people who are of relevance to your advertisements.

Social Media Workshop

In a workshop which is aligned individually to your hotel, you can find out how to make your Social Media profile into a successful business card, develop the coverage for your contributions and increase your rates of interaction.

Facebook Activity Log Competition

The Activity Log Competition is a popular, simple and low cost way of advertising, developing your coverage and rewarding your fans on your Facebook page. 

Facebook App Competition

Our competition, which is aligned individually with your requirements, supports you in raising the coverage of your contributions and increasing the rates of interaction and your number of fans. 


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