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Social media ads

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Reach your target groups and advertise professionally

with our social media ad service.

A good mix of organic and paid reach is now essential for businesses on social media. Easily create advertisements tailored to specific target groups with our social media ad service. Branding, image enhancement, customer acquisition and expanding your fan community: all this is possible with our social media ads.

We facilitate your B2B and B2C campaigns – as part of a tailored social media ad campaign, we create a campaign structure and write, design and regularly optimise and evaluate the advertisements.

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Effectively targeting new guests

We know how best to promote your hotel and your offers on social media.

Simple and professional

Together, we define your goals and your target group – and we then manage the rest.

Advertising – for today's world

Brochures were then, social ads are now. Our individual designs and texts present your business in the best possible light.

Boosting your brand awareness

Regional or international: social ads are a simple and inexpensive way to increase your brand awareness.

Our Online Birds brand promises are always part of the package

100% hotel industry

Holistic online marketing specifically for the hotel industry

Knowledge & experience market leader

More than 10 years' experience in the marketing of tomorrow

Individual advice

from more than 50 specially trained online marketing experts

We are a trusted partner of Europe's leading hotels.

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Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Everything you need to know about social media ads.

Do you advise running conversion campaigns to generate direct bookings?

Conversion campaigns are unlikely to lead to direct bookings when you have a small budget and high-quality products. Instead, we recommend website traffic and brand awareness campaigns.

Can social media ads also be used to promote campaigns, for example to attract potential employees?

Yes, it is possible to organise campaigns to raise your hotel's profile as an employer and engage in employer branding. We can help you with creative development here.

Do social ads also run in the hotel's own Instagram or Facebook feed?

Ads are shown to the defined target group, but not in the hotel's own feed.

How do we know if a campaign has delivered good results?

We draw up a detailed report for you each month, which we can discuss with you in person if you wish.

Can I book a campaign on a short-term basis?

Yes, existing customers can book an additional campaign on a monthly rolling basis.

What is the difference between a social ad campaign and a post push?

A campaign is a long-term promotion with a high number of placements. A post push publicises one specific post for a set period of time.

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