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We create images and videos for you with our

visual content creation service.

The most important factor for success in social media marketing is almost certainly images and video content. Even generating images is a challenge alongside everyday business; producing videos is even more time-consuming. We offer a solution to your lack of photos and videos, with rapid and simple content production to take your social media pages to the next level. Thanks to our hotel industry and social media experience, we offer the added value you need: the production of content that guests want to see on social networks – tailored to the current sizes, formats and trends in the social media world.

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Up-to-the-minute content

The requirements of the various platforms are constantly changing. We are always up to date and create content that is guaranteed to work.

Spotlight on staff

Your team is the beating heart of your hotel. Together, we develop ideas for giving your employees the right platform on social media.

Smart and with a camera

We travel both with our smartphones and with professional camera equipment. This means we can rapidly create excellent content.


All images and videos are created to be suitable for all social media platforms. Let your creativity run wild.

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100% hotel industry

Holistic online marketing specifically for the hotel industry

Knowledge & experience market leader

More than 10 years' experience in the marketing of tomorrow

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from more than 50 specially trained online marketing experts

We are a trusted partner of Europe's leading hotels.

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Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Everything you need to know about Visual Content Creation.

What is the benefit of having Online Birds produce my photos rather than a hotel photographer?

The content created by our social media team is specifically tailored to the requirements of the social media channels. We produce high-impact content with a focus on high-quality images and video material. We also seek not to disrupt your daily business.

Does Online Birds also produce video material, for example for stories and reels?

Yes, we create large numbers of videos specifically for these uses.

How many images and video sequences do we get from Online Birds and are they edited?

Around 200 assets, depending on the package booked.

Can we also shoot with models?

Yes, we are in contact with models and modelling agencies and can put together an offer for you.

Do you have a detailed shoot schedule so that the outlets on site can be notified and props organised?

Yes, we create a mood board beforehand and provide a schedule as a guide for the hotel team.

Does visual content creation include portrait photos of employees?

Yes, on request we can also use part of your content allocation for portrait photos.

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