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Social media workshop

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From your first hashtag to a complete strategy

with our social media workshop.

You recognise the importance of social networks like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for your hotel, but lack the necessary tools, time or staff? In our workshop, we prepare a social media strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Using an analysis of the status quo, a potential analysis of your social media presence and specific recommendations, we flag up the many opportunities that the world's largest social networks offer you.

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

You want to get started right away?

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A roadmap for the future

We beat a clear path through the social media jungle and work with you to define the right strategy.

Communication style

You have put a lot of effort into creating your brand. We use social media to share and spread your vision and the hotel CI.

Knowledge is power

Social media are ever-changing. We keep you up to date – and have the trends of tomorrow at our fingertips.

Posts & ads

Your hotel has so many exciting stories to tell and themes to explore. We find the right platform for them all. The magic is in the mix.

Our Online Birds brand promises are always part of the package

100% hotel industry

Holistic online marketing specifically for the hotel industry

Knowledge & experience market leader

More than 10 years' experience in the marketing of tomorrow

Individual advice

from more than 50 specially trained online marketing experts

We are a trusted partner of Europe's leading hotels.

Below you will find selected references for our social media workshop.

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  • Luxury hotel industry
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  • New openings

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Everything you need to know about the Social Media Workshop.

What are the benefits of a social media workshop?

The workshop tells you everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram – and other channels you may be targeting. You will also learn all about current trends.

Will the workshop provide a strategy for my hotel?

We develop both a strategy tailored to your business and a communication style, and give you strategic advice on other areas, which we then finalise and agree with you.

Does it make sense to book a workshop before Online Birds takes on social media editing for me?

Yes, as the workshop lays the foundations for subsequent collaboration at both a personal and strategic level.

Who pays the travel expenses?

As stipulated in the contract, the client covers travel costs. Depending on the means of transport, a set hourly rate per person may also be charged as well as tickets + subsistence allowance.

Will the workshop demonstrate examples of best practice from competitors?

Yes, we analyse the competition and discuss the dos and don'ts or lessons from other profiles together. Best practices are also used as inspiration.

Where do workshops take place?

Workshops can be run at your hotel, at one of the Online Birds sites, or virtually. The best option is to run the workshop at your hotel to get a real insight into your business and get to know you better.

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