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Conversion boosting

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Pitch to your customers directly and individually

with our conversion boosting service.

Harness conversion-boosting potential. With the help of customised pop-ups, we help you to reach out to your potential guests in a direct and targeted manner. Prominently positioning the information most likely to lead to conversions (e.g. direct bookings, guest inquiries and newsletter subscriptions) and promoting (limited-time) offers efficiently and effectively is also essential. Not only do we give you the tools to master these challenges, we also help you reach your target groups by placing your content on selected pages.

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Effective targeting

The tool gives you a range of options for a direct, personalised approach. The messages and campaigns are tailored to your needs.

Regular optimisation & evaluation

You receive a monthly tracking report detailing successes. We discuss the results of your campaigns with you each quarter and give recommendations for optimisation.

Flexible creation & customisation

We implement changes and requests without a long planning or lead time. The design of the tools is tailored to your website.

Increase your conversion rate

The goal is to increase your conversion rate. Ideal for promoting direct bookings and generating leads and for boosting sales of F&B offers.

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Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Everything you need to know about conversion boosting

What can you expect from conversion boosting?

The conversion boosting tool gives you a range of ways to reach out and interact with your customers directly, such as pop-up welcome messages, newsletter subscriptions, price comparisons, offer pop-ups for specific customer groups, and much more. These tools can also be activated individually for specific target groups only (on the basis of geographical criteria, returning visitors to the page…). This allows you to give specific customers tailored offers or important information.

How does tracking work?

Our partner Hotelchamp uses data from Google Analytics to personalise your communication with customers.

What does a hotel website need in order to use conversion boosting?

You need Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on your site for tracking. We also need suitable content, images and offers to be promoted. The tools are installed by implementing a script in the page source code. This only needs to be done once.

How does the tool differ from pop-ups created with the CMS?

Easily and individually adjustable for different sections of the website – so no high need-based development costs. What is more, the tool is not read by the Google crawler and therefore has no negative impact on search engine ranking.

Who is the Online Birds partner for conversion boosting?

In the area of conversion boosting, we work together with Hotelchamp.

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