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Websites are the heart of online marketing. All channels point (potential) guests to your website. Our website support team helps you create and optimise an impressive website. We are your point of contact for all questions relating to your CMS and conversion rate optimisation for your pages. You benefit from our years of experience with numerous hotel websites and a range of CMS systems. We also manage the technical development of your site. We keep you up to date on technical innovations and version and security updates, and are available to answer your questions on all aspects of your website (from hosting and booking engines to cookie consent).

Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Continuous website development

Following a tailored action plan, we work with you to plan the content and technical development of your website and the use of your budget over the year.

CMS expertise

We have years of experience with the content management systems TYPO3, Drupal and craft. We help you ensure the best possible website usability.

Direct contact person

A project manager is assigned to your project. You can contact them directly at any time with questions about the website, the CMS or other technical concerns. Your contact person monitors your website.

Close collaboration with developers

Regular interaction with our developers ensures you always get the best advice & support. We keep you informed about updates, technical developments and potential security vulnerabilities.

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Everything for your hotel online marketing.

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Everything you need to know about website support

What is the scope of website support?

Regular services include monitoring website availability and tracking (Google Analytics/E-Tracker), and checking cookies, page speed and how forms, etc. are working. We ensure that your website runs smoothly.
We also provide recommendations on content optimisation for your website in terms of usability & conversion rate, suggest technical improvements and develop an action plan tailored to your budget.

If required, you can have us carry out changes to content in your CMS (editorial support), for example new pages, landing pages, content amendments, etc. We are here to answer all your CMS questions.

We can also coordinate technical adjustments, and arrange for implementation by our development team.

Do I need to manage updates & security for the CMS?

We monitor your website as part of our support package. This means we run regular security updates and notify you of other necessary updates (CMS, PHP, MySQL).

How does collaboration with the development team work?

We manage communication with the development team and discuss the changes you want, undertake the initial testing after implementation and present the results before the pages go live.

What is the process for technical changes to my website?

We check in advance whether all necessary information is available, consult with you if necessary and pass on the requirements to the development team. Changes are first implemented locally by the developer before they can be published and tested in your test environment. Once everything is just right, the changes are published in the live environment.

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