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Finally be a host again!

Corona-support for hotels


With all the challenges and negative news reaching us almost every minute, one particular lesson becomes clear in our conversations with our hotel customers: Now more than ever, it is important not to lose heart!

The effects of the Corona virus are hitting the hotel industry with full force and on a large scale, probably only government funds will help to overcome the crisis. BUT: There is a time after the crisis and we are absolutely convinced that there will be positive developments for the hotel industry mid-term. And this is exactly what we should now focus on together.

We at Online Birds see ourselves as part of the large hotel community and we will stand by your side even in these times to support you and your hotel in the best possible way. At this point we would therefore like to give you regular tips and recommendations for action so that your hotel can emerge from the crisis stronger.

Quick Wins for your email marketing

Again and again there are new reports for dealing with the corona crisis in the hotel industry, which are eagerly awaited.

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Hotel 2.0 - This is what a hotel could look like after Corona

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Quick Wins for your social media communication

In these days it is especially important to communicate with your existing and potential guests, conveying empathy, optimism and adaptability.

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Quick Wins for your hotel website

When dealing with the corona virus, communication with your existing and potential guests is essential.

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5 strategies that helped hoteliers to overcome major crises in the past


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