Team excursion to the Wiesn

After 2 years of Corona's forced break, the time had finally come again. The famous Munich Oktoberfest opened its doors to guests from Munich and all over the world.

This was also a reason for our Munich Birdies to celebrate. After a meet-up and first toast together in the festively decorated office, we set off together in the direction of the roasted almond scent that can be smelled throughout the city at Oktoberfest time. After a delicious meal in the tent and a beer or two, we celebrated together and danced on the benches. After the visit to the tent, the bravest among us, together with our boss André, dared to take a ride in a rollover loop. Not for the faint-hearted!


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*Night flights* at Online Birds..

We call all our joint evening team outings on a voluntary basis night flights. A family-like atmosphere is very important to us at Online Birds. We are convinced that a feel-good atmosphere and good communication are the key to good cooperation, motivation and creativity. Each of us can contribute our own ideas and wishes. However, a few team events remain secret because of the surprise...