On your website you provide interested parties, existing and potential guests with valuable information first hand. Furthermore, you can strengthen your brand and present all of your services in the best light. Of course, direct bookings are particularly important in times of commission-taking online booking portals and review sites. Those who manage to create added value and incentives keep internet users on their own website longer and can sell rooms and packages without an intermediary. In order to achieve this, appropriate measures must be taken. This article will show you what these measures look like and how you can optimise your internet presence accordingly.



Within the framework of online marketing, your own website is the hub and control centre. This is where all digital marketing measures come together. Newsletters or social media posts are linked to the website, search engine optimisation is geared to web content and numerous technical tools are anchored in the website. Therefore, the aim is to design your control centre so that these functions are fulfilled in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

  • Website design: Some websites make you want to throw your hands up in exasperation. If you had opened the homepage a few years earlier, this feeling might have been absent. Aesthetic preferences are constantly changing; if you manage to make the design of the website timeless or adapt it to the spirit of the times, you can convince users more easily.
  • Website technology: What applies to the design applies even more to the technology of your website. Here too, it is important to constantly check whether the implementation is up-to-date. Page speed, direct booking, mobile optimisation and tracking are some of the most important topics to consider.
  • Usability: Do users find what they are looking for? What frustrates them? How can you help them to find their way around your website better? All of these are questions of usability, a factor that is located between design and technology.
  • Website content: Aesthetics, usability, technology - the foundation is set, the walls have been drawn and the roof has been put in place. What’s missing now is the furnishings. Fill your website with stimulating content that interests your guests, is up-to-date and suits your house.


As you can see, your internet presence offers a lot of optimisation potential. Here we will give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your hotel website.

Optimisation of direct booking opportunities: High OTA commissions reduce your profit margin considerably. Wouldn't it be nice to generate more direct bookings? Many users would even prefer to book with the hotel itself, but either can't or only in some complicated way. Integrate a modern booking engine or optimise your existing one. Sometimes only small details make the difference between a non-booking and booking. For example, do you have a best price guarantee or pop-ups on your site?

  • User tracking: It is difficult to find a solution if you don't know where the problem lies. With the integration of tracking tools, you can see exactly when in the booking process users "jump off", which pages are not read, which pages have generated the most revenue and the demographic composition of your target group.
  • Mobile optimisation: It's no longer a secret - internet use is increasingly shifting to mobile devices. It is therefore important to adapt your webpage as best as possible for smartphones or tablets. With the right tricks you can make mobile surfing much more attractive for users.
  • Content optimisation: Fill your site with life, radiate personality and offer your guests real added value. Good possibilities are, for example, the integration of a hotel blog or the keyword alignment of your existing texts.
  • Further technical optimisation: You can often tighten screws in the web area, the effects of which the user hardly notices consciously. Their effect is nonetheless important. Security certificates have to be renewed regularly, wrong encryptions warnings avoided and page speed improvements which can be as low as tenths of a second and still have a positive impact.



Hardly a week goes by without a new trend appearing on the digital horizon. One of the major tasks of our innovation managers is to separate the sustainable from the irrelevant. We observe exciting developments such as artificial intelligence or the website integration of chat bots and compare them with current processes and products.

Online Birds considers itself as a pioneer in the field of digital hotel marketing. We implement current optimisations in close cooperation with our clients. This is the only way to stay one step ahead!



Website optimisation requires time and expertise, but it will pay off. Online Birds will be happy to help you with the above mentioned and many previously unmentioned optimisation points. Just contact us and let us make you a consultation offer.


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