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11. JUNE 2019   |   SEA 


You have certainly googled your hotel before. Were you surprised about the result? Most likely your hotel website was not one of the very first suggestions. Review sites, and other OTAs often outpace the hotels whose services they provide. And users generally have no preference - whether they book directly with the hotel or via Booking & Co. often depends only on which site Google suggests first. You could say that as long as you book, everything is fine, but the thing is: hotels can save themselves a lot of commission costs with a better Google ranking.

A simple way to be found on Google immediately is to place ads (Google Ads). Here we explain to you what this is all about.



Basically there are two philosophies if you want to increase the visibility of your hotel on Google.

  • Organic search: The classical search engine optimisation (SEO) does not incur any fees payable to Google, but success only comes after months or even years of optimisation. Technically, your site must be up to date and someone should regularly take care of up-to-date and user-relevant content. This is an effort that should not be underestimated in terms of time, but which pays off in the long run.
  • Google Ads: If you want to achieve immediate results (e.g. you want to attract more visitors to your website in the short term), there is only one solution: Invest in Google Ads. Here you place bids on certain keywords - how much is a user click worth to you? As soon as someone enters the keyword, the pages with the top bids are played out at the top with the addition of an ad. For each click that leads the user to your website, you pay Google a fee not exceeding the price offered.

Neither of the two philosophies should stand alone, but rather should be combined. SEO ensures the long-term Google positioning of your hotel, while Google Ads also gives you the ability to act more quickly.




There are numerous options available so that you can use the ads of your hotel exactly to your taste, for every purpose and occasion:

  • Brand campaigns: Place ads for searches of your hotel name. This means that when future guests google your hotel, they will also find your website ranked on top. This way you leave the OTAs behind and save valuable commission costs.
  • Special campaigns: You want to advertise a new package? Or are your room sales starting a bit slow this month? Then run a special campaign and increase your direct bookings by bidding on generic keywords to attract new guests.
  • Analysis and tracking tools: The beauty of Google Ads is that you can always monitor the success of your ads. By integrating tracking into your booking engine you can see the ROI of your campaigns, for example. In addition, the data and key figures are evaluated immediately and are available for strategic decisions.



Google's services are known to be among the most dynamic in the digital world. Regular updates and exciting developments lead to ever new challenges and opportunities.

In order to meet these and not lose touch with the latest developments, an open eye and extensive expert knowledge are important. Thousands of ad campaigns that we have run for hotels in recent years give us the necessary experience to distinguish important trends from irrelevant flashes of inspiration. The most important thing: processes in the ads area are always scrutinised and regularly adjusted in close cooperation with our clients. That's the only way you too can always stay one step ahead!



Online Birds is happy to help you optimise your campaigns. If not yet available, we will also be happy to set up an ad account for you in advance and advise you on the first steps. Just contact us and let us give you a quote.



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