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Google processes around 3.5 billion search queries daily(!) and almost 90% of users only look at the first page of the results. If you now take Google's market share of around 95% into account, it becomes clear: either you are ranked at the top with your pages or the user cannot find you online. Even if you are superior to the competition in terms of performance and service. Thus, without proper attention to search engine optimisation (SEO) a lot of potential can fall by the wayside. We show you ways to make the most of your chances on Google.



You have invested a lot of money and many working hours in your website, which meets the most modern requirements in terms of design and usability? Now you have to attract future guests to your site. With search engine optimisation you can basically look towards the following three pillars:

  • Technical SEO: The foundation of all your optimisation efforts is laid with the right technical tricks. Questions regarding indexing, loading speed or mobile-friendly usability must be answered here. Also, the structuring of your URL - from the domain name to the path to the parameter values - needs to be optimised. Furthermore, source codes have to be cleaned up and encryptions have to be observed.
  • Offpage optimisation: This is primarily about building a network of backlinks, i.e. connecting your site to external websites via links. If many frequently visited external sites link to your page, this improves the relevance and discoverability of your website. A current topic in off-page SEO is the so-called content syndication: If your own content is republished by other websites, this is considered a quality feature that will drive your page further up on Google.
  • Onpage optimisation: While you depend on other players for offpage measures, you have the onpage optimisation largely in your own hands. For example, improve your meta description, add alt attributes to images and formulate texts with added user value, which simultaneously increases your SEO ranking.


Depending on how your site is set up, different set ups of your optimisation efforts are recommended. Here’s an idea of what these can look like:

  • Optimisation for website relaunch: Planning on relaunching your website? Extravagant redesigns, complicated user experiences and disruptive positioning of your brand can have a negative effect on your Google ranking in the short and medium term. Professional SEO support during the relaunch will help you minimise ranking losses. For example, the menu structure is created directly with SEO attention, technical treadmills are removed and the content is aligned to relevant keywords in advance.
  • Unique SEO support: Your site is already well positioned, you comply with most SEO rules and already rank well for isolated pages? This is great, but no reason to sit on your hands! Now and then an external pair of eyes can give the right impulse to turn a good ranking into a top ranking. Be it technical details, hidden content potential or unused link partnerships. A one-off consultation often has a big impact!
  • Ongoing SEO support: Your website has been little optimised for search engines in the past and accordingly does not have the Google ranking your site deserves. This is not a bad thing if you act in time! A few technical adjustments can work wonders, plus the continuous optimisation of your content combined with systematic backlink building will show positive results over time.



The Google algorithm is one of the most dynamic elements in all online marketing. It is constantly evolving and nobody knows (except perhaps the Google engineers themselves) exactly what it looks like. In addition, the hotel industry is a special case, because Google now acts as a hotel intermediary itself.

We don't know the algorithm either, but thanks to many years of experience and dozens of hotel SEO projects every month, we have identified successful optimisation patterns. Of course, these have to be continuously scrutinised and adapted, which we do in close cooperation with our clients. This is the best way to stay one step ahead!



Search engine optimisation requires time and expertise, but it will pay off. Online Birds is happy to help you with all of the above and many previously unmentioned optimisation points. Just contact us and let us make you a consultation offer.


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