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Nothing in online marketing is more communicative and interactive than the ever-growing social media sphere. Gone are the days when only Xing, LinkedIn or Google Plus were used as business social media channels. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter also offer lucrative business solutions and those who ignore them miss out on immense potentials.

We show you how to optimise your social media activities and integrate them into a modern digital marketing strategy.



Our small list of hints and tricks certainly doesn't do justice to the multitude of social media potentials, but we have nevertheless dared to give it a try:

  • Fans & followers = multipliers: "Go viral" - the dream of every social media manager. With just one post or video you can reach countless people and expand your community considerably. How exactly does that work? There is no sure-fire way, but all viral highlights have one thing in common: They break familiar patterns. So, don't shy away from the risk - maybe your hotel will become the next viral hit!
  • Facebook as a distribution channel: Anyone who still wonders today how to generate turnover with Facebook has by no means explored all the possibilities. Ads aimed at specific target groups lead directly to your booking engine, apps generate additional sales and competitions bring you guests who would otherwise never have come.
  • Presence for more brand awareness: Anyone who treats social media negatively is making a mistake. Use its full bandwidth, and all relevant channels to stay in touch with guests through regular content. Better to dance at too many weddings at once than at no weddings at all.
  • Content with added value: Walk through the hotel with your eyes open - something interesting always happens. A nice picture here, a clever post there and videos with personality - your fans will thank you with engagement and likes!



Whether you already use various social media channels for your hotel or have been rather sceptical about them until now - in both cases there is room for improvement.

  • Optimising your multi-channel strategy: You post on Facebook but not on Instagram? From time to time you post live videos, but YouTube is a closed book to you? Extend your reach by distributing your existing content. After all, not every (potential) guest uses all available platforms. On the other hand, nobody’s stopping you from doing so!
  • App and chronicle competitions: You’re present on various social channels, but the size of your fan base is disappointing? A very effective and inexpensive way of counteracting this is to run raffles or sweepstakes. On Facebook, for example, this is possible via an app or directly on the timeline.
  • Social Media Ads: You can hardly advertise in a more targeted manner anywhere than on Facebook. The wealth of personal data collected and analysed over the years makes advertising more individualised than ever. Low costs, low divergence losses - a dream for every marketer!
  • Theme & content strategy: The advice from above "Keep your eyes open, something is always happening" is easier said than done. Everyone sometimes lacks inspiration and in these cases editorial support from outside is worthwhile. Frequently, external eyes see things that have become invisible to familiar ones. In a joint workshop, familiarity with the hotel and fresh perspectives can form a perfect synergy.
  • Influencer marketing: You need more fans, regular interaction or a familiar face for your hotel? Use the radiant effect of influencers to increase your own fan base and make your hotel more relevant. Even today, no advertising is more effective than recommendations from people you trust!



Although the topic of social media has slipped out of its infancy, it is still one of the youngest areas with the greatest potential for development in online marketing. New channels regularly appear on the scene - some disappear again, others remain, and of these, only some are a good fit for the hotel industry. Recognising the difference is one of the core tasks of our social media experts at Online Birds.

We successfully master this task because we have been supporting hotels in social media for many years and always have an eye on the future. We also think that innovations and new developments must be made in close cooperation with our customers. Only in this way can we grow together!



Online Birds is happy to help you with all your social media needs. Whether it's setting up a channel, creating ad campaigns, mediating influencers or managing an editorial workshop - just come to us and ask for a quote.



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