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3 questions about Hotel Digital Score


The idea behind the development of the Hotel Digital Score is simple. Within only a couple of minutes you will know how well your hotel is positioned in the realm of online marketing.

You only have to enter the URL of your hotel to receive your Hotel Digital Score. But what added value does the corresponding report give you? How accurate are the scores? How can you improve your score? Here are the answers to these questions.


I tested the URL of my hotel with the Hotel Digital Score. What added value do I get from the reports?

You get a simple guidance for developing your online marketing fundamentals. Let's assume that your big goal is to have a sustainable presence on the market and to use the various digital marketing channels efficiently and in a targeted manner. With the Hotel Digital Score Report you can lay the foundation for this.

Orientate yourself with your Hotel Digital Score to make meaningful decisions; use your report as a starting point for your further actions and identify unused potential quickly. Once you have identified your potential, you can structure and deploy the necessary resources on the basis of the 19 parameters currently measured.

You can derive concrete tasks for your online marketing from the explanations for the respective parameters. Call up your report again at regular intervals. Improvements in your score will show you’re moving in the right direction. Thus, you can create a solid basis for your online marketing and come closer step by step to your goal of a sustainable market presence using various digital marketing channels.

Important to know: A score of 100 does not invite you to relax! Yes, you have set the right course, but you should nonetheless dedicate yourself to the further optimisation and alignment of the channels, staying relevant and on top of technological innovation.


In my opinion, the score does not reflect the reality of my hotel's online marketing! What now?

Based on 19 parameters and with the help of a reliable algorithm, your online marketing is automatically examined and systematically evaluated. The result may be a simplification of your complex online marketing reality, but this is also the biggest advantage of the tool. You quickly receive a coherent and structured evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of some important areas of your current online marketing.

According to our technicians some parameters can occasionally deviate from the actual situation due to special technical cases, for example. In plain language, it may occasionally be the case that your activities are not properly recognised and thus not included in the score. For this reason, we recommend a detailed analysis with a sense of perspective.

Having arrived at one parameter, you have two options. If you want to reduce weaknesses, then take a look at your comparatively low scores and use them as a starting point for a more detailed examination. Of course, you can also build on strengths by focusing on your comparatively high scores.

Which approach you choose and how you use your score is up to you. In any case, you have the opportunity to improve your online marketing in a targeted manner. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and support us in the continuous improvement of Hotel Digital Score.


I want to improve my score! What is the best way to proceed?

We suggest you take one step at a time. Determine your Hotel Digital Score and call up the report. Use the current 19 parameters to derive tasks for your online marketing. Determine who is responsible for the task and agree on a schedule for completing the task.

The focus on one of the different areas with the corresponding tasks should match your hotel and the goals of your online marketing. Here’s a selection of possible action points that you can derive from your Hotel Digital Score report:

  • In general: Invest in your website - the hub of your online marketing. For more direct bookings, you want to lead the potential guests from the channels to your website. Accordingly, enquiries and bookings should be made here, and everything should be measurable.

    • Task: Check the function of tracking and the correct integration of a booking engine. 
    • Task: Check other factors of the website, such as the prominent integration of a Best Price Guarantee.

  • If you want to pick up existing demand on search engines and increase direct bookings, you can use the opportunities of search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimisation (SEO).

    • Task: Start using GoogleAds campaigns or check for optimization opportunities.
    • Task: Check your website regarding alignment with important SEO ranking factors.

  • If you want to reduce distribution costs, then invest in customer loyalty through e-mail marketing, for example.

    •  Task: Find out about the possibilities and advantages of your own newsletter and, if necessary, arrival and departure mailings. 
    • Task: Explore possible tools as well as your target group. You’ll also need a good structured e-mail address database.

  • If you want to strengthen the brand of your hotel, then create more attention for your brand using social media, for example.

    • Task: Check your social media presence.
    • Task: Check targeted activities and correct posting frequencies and optimise them if necessary.

Once a task has been completed, test the URL of your hotel again to derive further tasks from your updated report. Determine who is responsible for the task and agree on a schedule for completion. With this procedure you can improve your online marketing continuously and easily track the success.


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