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11. JUNE 2019   |    E-MAIL MARKETING



The email inbox is everyone's home port on the stormy sea of online marketing. Spam filters protect against unwanted intruders and the recipient has full control over what he wants to open. The mails that actually get read are all the more important for this: either they arouse a need, curiosity or come from a sender who means something to us.

This is exactly why email marketing is and will remain THE online tool in regular customer care. Like no other channel, it can build trust and create connections over the years, it is inexpensive and relatively time-efficient. In addition, every new automation developments save a lot of work. Whether it's current offers, interesting news or individualised messages - emails give you the greatest chance to digitally establish yourself in the hearts and minds of your guests.

New challenges have arisen as a result of GDPR, which came into effect in 2018. Mastering these within the framework of a modern e-marketing strategy opens up valuable potential and supports long-term positioning in the highly competitive hotel market.



Successful online marketing begins in your guests' email inbox. Maintain active contact with guests who have left and provide incentives for repeat visits.

  • The classic newsletter: Offers, renovations, staff portraits and many other current topics keep your regular guests up to date. As newsletters are often forwarded to family, friends and relatives, you also get the chance to meet completely new guests.
  • PreStay-emails: Give your guests all the important information about their stay before they arrive. This is a welcome service that often results in additional sales and will definitely increase your guests' favour.
  • PostStay-emails: With this service you can positively round off your guests' stay and provide a timely incentive for follow-up bookings. Positive ratings on hotel portals are also often generated in this way.
  • Individual newsletters for special occasions: Happy birthday, wedding anniversary or other personal occasions strengthen the relationship with your guests like no other measure in online marketing.



As you can see, email marketing offers numerous possibilities. The question remains as to how you can make the best possible use of this potential. Start here:

  • Optimising the design and "feel" of your mailings: Like everything in the digital world, trends in e-mail marketing are short-lived and fragile. A lot or little text? Colourful or minimalist? Clear forms or playful design? It is important to regularly check whether the design of your emails still fits your company, your guests and the spirit of the times. Thanks to simple drag & drop solutions, modern newsletters can be created today without any programming knowledge.
  • Address optimisation and generation: Not only do non-qualified addresses run into a void, since GDPR came into place they can even cause legal difficulties for the sender. Systematic address management ensures that your newsletter only reaches guests who want to read it. There are also exciting possibilities to enrich the existing recipient pool with qualified addresses.
  • Target group oriented content: Not all recipients want to read the same content. Use the different click behaviour to identify different interest groups and send topics only to people who are interested. This type of marketing automation is already possible within the email marketing suite.
  • Newsletter content: Mailings are similar to weekly or monthly magazines. The readers have a certain expectation that needs to be met. Of course, it is not easy to continuously find new topics and content. At a content workshop you can, with outside support, get inspired.



We are in dynamic times - this also applies to email marketing. Hardly a week goes by without a new trend appearing on the digital horizon. One of the major tasks of our innovation managers is to separate the sustainable from the irrelevant. Exciting developments such as artificial intelligence or chat bots in guest communication are observed by us and compared with current processes and products.

Online Birds sees itself as a pioneer in the field of digital hotel marketing. We implement current optimisations, if possible, in close cooperation with our customers. This is the only way to stay one step ahead!



Professional email marketing requires time and expertise, but it will pay off. Online Birds can help you with the above mentioned and many previously unmentioned optimisation points. Just contact us and let us make you an offer.


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